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Kia Corthron's second novel, Moon and the Mars, is available now.





Live at The Green Room 42 in New York City

Thursday, November 18th, 7 PM


Kia Corthron will be a guest on the live talk show, discussing Moon and the Mars. Details here.




Past events


Aug 31, 2021: Writers Bone podcast, available here.

Sept 8, 2021: MOON AND THE MARS BOOK LAUNCH at the Center for Fiction, Brooklyn, available here.

Sept 14, 2021: Powher Books podcast, available here.

Sept 25, 2021: Webinar with Dora Maar House, France.

Sept 30, 2021: Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend / Brooklyn Public Library virtual event with Sarah Schulman.

Oct 2, 2021: MetFest/Word Up, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

Oct 17, 2021: Brattleboro Literary Festival virtual event, Vermont.

Oct 20, 2021: Powell's Books virtual event with Robin D.G. Kelley, Portland, Oregon, available here.

Nov 4, 2021: A Mighty Blaze/Zeigeist virtual event with Jane Roper, available here.